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Jan 20, 2013 8:30pm EST
characteristic of a lot of our work. but we feel it was necessary. >> host: thomas mann, did the 2012 elections clarify anything? >> guest: by all appearances it was a status quo election returning us to the division of power; obama in the white house, democrats in control of the senate, republicans of the house. but appearances can be deceiving and in this case are. the most important reality of the election is that the republican effort to oppose anything and everything proposed by obama almost like a parliamentary party was not rewarded. taking the debt ceiling hostage was not rewarded, calling the obama health care plan -- which was their own only a few years earlier -- socialism was not reward withed. rewarded. that means they have to begin to rethink themselves and, importantly, democrats will not automatically embrace the same tactics in opposition. so i think that was the important change that creates a new dynamic not that's going to solve our problems. there's going to be no sitting around the campfire in washington making nice to one another. but the possibility now exists for a real
Jan 5, 2013 10:00am EST
her husband, thomas mann randolph and they decided to get married in a hurry from the only way jefferson could set them up in the household was to give them land and a lot of slaves. he gave his daughter 25, little and big. he began to think of rebuilding monticello and he needed money they needed to rely on to retrain displaced worse. he suddenly called upon them to acquire a faster read new skills, which they did very, very quickly. so when i was following jefferson to the documents alone my own timeline, i came across a document that disturbs many people since they put it in print, but not as much as it disturbs me when i found it. in a detailed financial memo, jefferson was kind of profits and losses of virginia plantations when it suddenly occurred to him there's a phenomenon in which he perceived a monticello but it never measured he preceded enclosed in brackets, but jefferson had realized for the first time as he was making a 4% profit every year on the birth of black children. didn't say people were joking him a bonanza, a perpetual dividend at compound interest. jeffe
Jan 13, 2013 12:00pm EST
exists for a real effort and a successful effort to deal with our most pressing problems. >> thomas mann in norman ornstein, "it's even worse than it looks." this is book tv on c-span2. >> up next on book tv, after words. this week, the latest book of life on the left >> very pleased to be here to talk with you about your new book. >> thank you. >> your average number of biographies of the course of your career, and i wanted to ask first with you felt like this was a didn't to 85 different projects that others what were the reasons he decided to write this? >> guest: i knew howard somewhat. we were never close friends, but i did know him. when he died i had that thought that i might well be the right person because we sate at a lot of political values and common commend i always liked him very much as a human being. so i talked to the family. the archives unprocessed but there were willing to let me in to rumble around. and did that for couple of years . i think the real surprise in terms of the archives was that howard, who seems to be always a very open man had come in fact, that it is
Jan 6, 2013 8:00am PST
orsteen and thomas mann of brookings makes the case in their book. it's worse than how it looks. i spoke to them earlier here in the studio. welcome, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> you believe, start with you, norm, that the media have utterly failed in the last couple of years to hold republicans accountable. true or false? >> true. i wouldn't say utterly failed. >> largely failed? >> largely failed. >> overwhelmingly failed. embarrassingly failed. there is, as you said at the outset, a norm in journalism. i think it's been reinforced by the outside groups from accuracy and media to fair. the ready to pounce any time there's any sense of bias. the desire to avoid bias means that you fall back on reporting it as if it's he said/she said. they're both equally culpable except in instances where they are not. >> tom, hasn't the press pretty consistently pointed out the influence of the tea party and the way the gop has moved to the right, particularly during the presidential primaries. i've read 1,000 stories about that. >> there have been a number of stories on that particular point, but it r
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4